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Creative Team

Creator, The COVIDEO Project

Elson Bankoff

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out our website.  My name is Elson, and I’m a student in the ninth grade at Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC.

I'm extremely excited to announce that The Covideo Project is up and running, and so far has been able to give people from all around the world a platform to connect with one another and share their experiences throughout this time. I have always been interested in the film world, and have wanted to make a youth-run and produced documentary for a while now. I just never had a captivating and relevant enough idea. But here we are! 

I’ve attended film programs in the past, where I gained a love for directing, editing and screenwriting, and I truly believe that film is a very powerful tool that can be utilized in so many positive ways. I am incredibly lucky to be able to lead and organize this amazing project with so many talented people, and know that it will help to provide a unique and impactful insight on life during these times, stretching many years into the future. Thank you so much for following along with the process.

Music producers

Our Team


Elson Bankoff



Arjun Kartik, Cadence Ching, Elson Bankoff, Ian Kim, Zainab Pate

Music Contributors

Allyse Brumfield, Annie Bass,

Elaine Wen, Lucy Hanna, Kanna Washer, Sumedh Bhasin, 


Fundraising Team

Angeline Lee, Arjun Kartik, Arden Doyle, Asmi Pareek, Becki M'mari, Cadence Ching, Caitlin Murray, Elaine Wen, Elson Bankoff, Ian Kim, Iván Andarza, Kanna Washer, Leia Neilson, Maliha Sharma, Nora Sharma 

Video Contributors

Alma Degener, Amelia LaMotte, Annie Bass, Andressa Jacques, Angeline Lee, Anri Stols, Anya Capoor, Archan Das, Arden Doyle, Arjun Kartik, Asmi Pareek, Ava Strong, Becki M'mari, Boudewien Berger, Cadence Ching, Caitlin Murray, Charlene Jiao, Chloe Elder, Chris O'Mara, Christina Zhang, Daniela Guajardo Ela Gardiner, Elaine Wen, Elsa Dormon, Elson Bankoff, Emmanuel Chaki, Georgia Birkwieser, Inshera Kankam-Boadu, Ian Kim, Iván Andarza, Jeh Mukkar, Joao Victor Peixoto, Kanna Washer, Kassidy Thompson, Lucy Brass, Lucy Hanna, Lucy Newmyer, Maddie Goldberger, Maliha Sharma, Margarita Afanasyva, Maya Alva, Megan Ferland, Mitsuki Morisaki, Molina Dew-Brunis, Nandini Talukdar, Nora Sharma, Ona Ogbuefi, Raina Sachdev, Sally LaMotte, Sammi Gao, Santino Cavallin Rodriguez, Selin Tekinn, Seth Shariman, Sidney Ford, Sofia Gaviria, Sydney Malea, Vedant Satapathy, Vera Chaudhry, Vinayak Sinha, Zoe Verma

Marketing And Expansion

Arjun Kartik, Ahaan Sabherwal, Iván Andarza, Elson Bankoff, Nandini Talukdar,

Graphics And Web Design

Ian Kim, Arjun Kartik, Anri Stols, Arden Doyle, Maliha Sharma, Nora Lu Sharma, Jamie Hsieh, Iván Andarza, Elson Bankoff

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